Laundry Stripping: Real or Hoax?

HOAX or LEGIT: Laundry Stripping

You’ve probably seen the recent sensation of stripping soap/soil buildup out of clothes, linens, and towels which you’ve owned for a while.  One can’t help but wonder, is it real or is it a hoax?

To some extent it is real, but not the full extent of what you’re seeing in some videos. If you use heavy soaps and fabric softeners, you can experience build-up over time.  BUT that takes a long time… a really long time.

That washing/baking soda & borax solution can help to an extent.  It breaks down any soap bonds which have dried into the fibers of your clothes. It is true that the residual color you see after removing your clothes from the basin CAN actually be a small amount of dirt which bonded to those residual soap pockets in the natural fibers of your clothes, but not always. Take care,, because this method also strips the coloring out of your clothes prematurely. Darker clothes=darker water.

You really don’t need to do a major laundry overhaul like this unless you just weren’t getting your clothes clean enough to begin with. This may happen when you have opted for cheaper laundry soaps, needed to soak them longer before the full wash cycle, or are harder on some clothing than normal. (No judgement here- my husband used to work in construction, so I totally know how that goes.)

To cut back on needing to do large batch stripping like this every few months (As well as to save time and money in the long run)…

Simply add white vinegar to your washer in place of fabric softener in the dispenser in your machine.  Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to a jug of vinegar to make it smell nice, and store it in your laundry room. (Shake it before each use.)

If you still miss the fabric softeners, use some wool dryer balls with another drop or two of your favorite essential oils when it is time to dry your clothes.  The natural lanolin from the wool will help with the softness of your laundry without the buildup over time.

TAKEAWAY: Vinegar is a time and money saver in the long run.  Preventative maintenence for the win!