This Old Chair

This old chair has been a part of our home for many years. Before it came to our home, it belonged to my husband’s family when he was young. His parents gave it to us out of the blue and we have loved it ever since. We used it to hold a high chair/booster for my babies, but now my youngest believes she is too big. The booster is washed and ready to be donated, so it was high time for a facelift for this old chair.

I did a rough sanding on the wood– not too much– but just enough that the paint would stay well, and then I used a latex based black paint (easy to clean with young ones), and did a thin black wash (like whitewashing) over it, and a thin varnish.

I love that the beauty of the wood grain still shows through perfectly. The cushion was a standard recovering, but with an extra layer of batting, cute fabric, and a layer of vinyl to protect it for years to come. If you know me, you know it had to be happy little lemons.
As I always say, “Lemons are tangible rays of sunshine!”

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