It’s a Good Thing

20180822_133434-11789073518536648208.jpgRemember the older television episodes of “Martha Stewart Living” when she would squeeze in some super little tips or tricks to simplify or beautify your life? They usually ranged from flower arranging to a quick organizing hack.  Man, I loved that show when I was younger!  If I could have a show like that nowadays, I would be in heaven.  Oh, the things I could share!  I’m just putting that out there in the universe to collect some positive energy, okay?

Well, I have something to admit. This year has been brutal. I feel like my emotions have been battered, my nerves have been worked raw, and my soul worn ragged. Because of that, the unfailing optimist in me has decided it is time to bring back “Good thing” segments.

I needed a little cheer in my life, so I made myself a cute decoration for my car. (Since I practically live in it now that school is back in session, I want it to be cute and cheery.)

It’s a mini scent warmer!!  The cute jar has perforations in it so the lovely scent dissipates slowly from the natural heat of the car interior.

All you need is a few items you probably already have at home.  A small jar, some paint, sand paper to rough up the lid if it is glossy (mine was an upcycled baby food jar), and a cheery flower.  This is a sola wood flower which I dyed in advance for this project.

Use a hammer and nail and carefully punch a few holes into the lid of your jar, and then paint it. Once your lid has dried, just glue your flower(s) of choice on top with a glue gun. Fill the jar with a scented wax melt or even some whole coffee beans, and you’re good to go!

It’s a good thing.

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