COVID-19, March-May 2020

The world is in a phase of hibernation as we all tuck in safely and quietly for shelter in place, aka quarantine for a while.  It felt like a kick to the gut when I had to close my sweet little spa room.  For weeks I was afraid of the unknown as it is a major contributor to my family’s finances.  It hurts still, and state resources will not follow through as of yet to help small business owners recover from our losses.  Eventually my attention was forced to shift from fear to quiet faith that, when the time comes, things will work out however they are meant to.  I’m focusing my time on minimizing the impact it has had on my children and fulfilling their needs at home and in online education.  I miss homeschooling now, more than ever.

It is not often that events like this happen, but we will all eventually be okay, and the worries of Covid-19 will soon pass.  I do believe that life will resume, similar to what it once was, albeit with a new sense of public sanitation and social distancing, which pleases me excessively since I was a germophobe to begin with.  (Being the survivor of cancer and autoimmune diseases myself, I understand the trial of protecting a compromised immune system.)

I want to personally extend my sincere love and condolences to everyone who has been affected by this ordeal.  No, life will never be the same, and I know that no words can fill the void left behind by loved ones lost.  You have my undying respect and support as you grow through this experience.  Sending love and light.

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